Following a BA in English studies at the University of Toulouse, I trained as a speech and language therapist in Lyon and Newcastle. I then worked in Paris, in a service supporting the language and literacy development of children with Language Disorders, Dyslexia and Hearing Impairment, in their school context. I then completed a PhD at the Centre for Language, Literacy and Numeracy: Research and Practice, UCL Institute of Education, under the supervision of Professors Julie Dockrell and Chloe Marshall, in 2019.  

My PhD project explored the spelling products, predictors and strategies of children with a Developmental Language Disorder in French and in English. English and French are indeed two languages in which children with language disorder experience difficulties with spelling, and I compared their patterns of errors but also the strategies and processes that might be helpful for them in both languages.

I am now a research fellow in the ALLICC Lab, on a legacy grant awarded to Chloe by the Heather van der Lely Foundation, where I am disseminating PhD outputs on the literacy outcomes of children with DLD. I am also a research associate on the iREAD research project, developing and evaluating content for an integrated reading app.

I am fortunate to have been involved in a range of activities since the start of my PhD: in paper reviews, student facilitation and placement supervision, various seminars organisation/support for the Centre for Language, Literacy and Numeracy: Research and Practice and Centre for Inclusive Education. I have also supported the Afasic charity, volunteering on their parents helpline, and contributed to the blog Tout cuit dans le bec, summarising relevant research in French for speech and language therapists. I am a member of the European Literacy Network, of the Society for the Scientific Studies of Reading and of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.


Twitter: @NellyJoye


Recent outputs:

Joye, N., Broc, L., Olive, T., & Dockrell, J. E. (2018). Spelling Performance in Children with Developmental Language Disorder: A Meta-Analysis across European Languages. Scientific Studies of Reading.

Joye, N., Dockrell, J., & Marshall, C. (2019). Spelling delay or disorder in children with Developmental Language Disorder? Results from a qualitative analysis of spelling errors in French and English children at the end of primary school. Talk presented at the European group on Child Language Disorders (EUCLDIS) workshop in Tel-Aviv (Israel), 5-6 February.

Joye, N., Raymond, K., Donovan, J., Dockrell, J., & Marshall, C. (2018). Assessing verbal self-reports of spelling strategies: a cross-linguistic comparison of French and English strategies at the end of primary school. Talk presented at the 1st ELN Summit in Porto (Portugal). 1-3 November.

Joye, N., Lebrun, J., Parent, P., Marshall, C., & Dockrell, J. (2018). A linguistic analysis of misspellings in French students in year 1-5. Poster presented at the 1st ELN Summit in Porto (Portugal). 1-3 November.